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At Chulalongkorn University, faculty members are among our most precious assets. The University, with its strategies and planning, promotes continual professional development of these faculty staff.
Taking an orientation course is compulsory for newly-recruited academic staff. The course, arranged several times a year, is managed by the Office of Human Resources Management.
Teaching is the main responsibility of faculty members. Thus, they are facilitated by several delivery tools, such as the Blackboard Learning Management System, as well as a number of training courses aimed to develop their teaching skills.
As Chulalongkorn University is a research-led university, research grants are provided. Newly-recruited academic staff are entitled to receive a start-up research grant aiming to encourage them to continue doing research in the field of their own expertise. In addition, the University has also contributed grants for academic staff in order to promote their academic activities, such as grants for doctoral studies, grants for attending an international conference and presenting academic work abroad, and short-term grants for acquiring further knowledge abroad. The Distinctive Professor Award is given every year for the faculty member who is at the forefront in his/her academic field, while at the same time being a remarkable mentor, taking care of students’ development.
Career development of faculty staff starts when they are recruited as a lecturer. In line with the standard requirements set out by the Office of Higher Education Commission, one can then be promoted to an assistant professor, an associate professor and, ultimately, a professor, according to teaching and research quality.
Update 13-08-2007