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Chulalongkorn University was among the first organizations in Thailand connected to the internet. Currently, the computer network on the campus is constructed on a backbone employing Ethernet 1 Gbps technology. Networks on the campus are connected to external community Internet and also to Internet 2 via Uninet, based on ATM 155 Mbps technology, provided by the Office of Higher Education Commission.
With this superior IT infrastructure, distance learning programs are offered by Chulalongkorn University in line with the establishment of the Thailand Cyber University project promoted by the Office of Higher Education Commission. By employing information technology as a delivery tool in place of regular face-to-face classroom teaching and learning, Chulalongkorn University has carefully developed these programs so that students are able to develop their own knowledge and skills to the same standards of those in regular programs. Currently, the University is offering five distance learning degree programs:
  1) Bachelor of Science Program in Software Development;
  2) Master of Nursing Science Program in Nursing Science;
  3) Master of Arts Program in Cultural Management;
  4) Master of Science Program in Social and Administrative Pharmacy;
  5) Doctor of Philosophy Program in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Information regarding admission to these programs can be obtained from the responsible faculty/college/school.

  For professionals and those who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and developing their careers, several online training courses are offered by the Continuing Education Center.

Update 13-08-2007